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You have the right to expect that construction is done correctly the first time and that any defects that exist will be disclosed when you purchase a piece of real estate. When that is not the case, you need an experienced lawyer to protect your investment. Attorney Timothy Norton is passionate about protecting the investment of homeowners and commercial property owners in matters of construction defects, construction fraud and real estate fraud.

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Construction Defect Litigation

Attorney Timothy Norton has 33 years of experience handling complex construction defect litigation. Some defects are immediately apparent, but many are hidden and can take years to become noticeable. What may first appear to be a minor problem is often a sign of much deeper serious defects that can take months to repair.

Mr. Norton assembles a  handpicked team of experts to assess the structure from top to bottom, identify all defects and determine the cost of repairs as well as any other damages. The goal is to ensure that the contractor, other responsible parties and their insurance companies compensate you for the defects they have caused, and you are not left paying for their defects or losing value to your investment.

Construction defect cases are highly complex. We are here to help you if you have just discovered the defect or if you are already working with another firm and feel that your case is not moving forward as it should be.

Real Estate Litigation

The real estate litigation cases we handle are cases with substantial damages and typically arise out of failure to disclose undesirable conditions or construction defects and/or fraud. Sellers of real property have a duty to disclose undesirable conditions and defects to the buyer prior to sale. Failure to disclose these conditions or defects, as well as fraud, may threaten the value of your real estate investment and can result in significant unanticipated costs.

Sellers can be held responsible for failure to disclose. Our first job is to track down the evidence showing that the seller, realtor or broker knew or should have known about the defect and either failed to tell you or intentionally covered it up.

Real estate litigation gives you the opportunity to recoup your investment and receive compensation for any losses you have suffered. This can come in the form of monetary damages as well as specific performance or rescission. Each case is unique just as each piece of property is unique and the remedies appropriate in your case will depend on your unique circumstance and needs.

Contract Disputes and Fraud

Contract disputes and fraud are common components in construction defect and real estate litigation. Contract disputes may arise during construction, after the structure is completed or after the sale. Likewise, you may become aware of fraud while work is ongoing, or it may be well after you have purchased and moved into your home.

Often a dispute arises with a builder as costs continue to rise well above the initial bid, sometimes resulting in a home or structure costing more than twice as much as anticipated to complete. We help clients with disputes involving change orders and extra work claims, scope of work, delays, acceleration, disruption and warranty.

When looking at cases of construction fraud, Mr. Norton analyzes the bidding, contracts, budgets, change orders, accounting and more to track down any evidence of fraud and identify the responsible parties, so that you can receive the full compensation you deserve.

Malpractice Actions

If you case has been or is being mishandled by another law firm or attorney Mr. Norton can take over your case and evaluate prior counsel’s actions and seek recovery for negligence or errors and omissions.

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