What To Do About Construction Product Or Material Defects

Construction product or material defect is the failure of any component to a residential home or commercial building, or a deviation from the Building Code, the Plans or Standard of Care. These defects expose the owners to the risk of costly damages and expenses. One of the tell tale signs of construction defects is water leaks or water intrusion. This can be a sign of defects in the roof, stucco, window, window frames or any combination.


Defective structural components can result in severe cracks, failed retaining walls or slope movement. These types of construction defects are typically caused by negligent and improper construction practices. The result? Loss of property value, the necessity of repairs and uncertainty.

This is what you need to do about construction product or material defects:

Construction Deficiencies

The sad but true fact behind construction defects is that these issues rarely happen by accident. These devastating issues are often the result of cutting corners to save time and money or inadequate supervision of construction workers. Cost overruns, change order fraud and overcharges often couple these defects. Cost overruns and delays in development are common occurrences during the building process. While these are not sure-fire signs of construction defects and fraudulent crimes, it’s crucial for owners to be aware of the reality of this industry.

My Property has Construction Defects

As a new home or commercial building owner, the last thing you expect is to experience issues in the construction of your investment. If you have noticed premature cracking in the foundation of your property, leaks, or other unusual conditions, these issues may be defects caused by the builder.  

You have invested in your property, you now face potential losses due to construction defects, and the law entitles you to compensation. Construction defect litigation cases are complicated. An experienced construction defect is essential.


Whether you’re experiencing commercial, industrial, or custom residential construction defects, a consultation with an experienced construction defect attorney is the first step. Or, if you’ve hired an attorney, and would like a case evaluation, a consultation with an experienced construction defect lawyer is essential to protecting your investment.

Construction Defect Litigation in California

The stress and frustration of a construction defect in your home can be overwhelming. Don’t fight this fight alone. Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates is hands-on with every single case that walks through his door. With a passionate and an aggressive approach, he is dedicated to winning you a large settlement that is guaranteed to cover the damages. Our law firm has over 30 years of experience, and we have won our clients millions of dollars in compensation. If you have been the victim of construction defects, contact a construction litigation lawyer today. Your investment depends on it.


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